Pre-K / Primary Program Enrollment

Enrollment in the San Francisco Public Montessori Pre-K/Primary Program is open to all San Francisco children of preschool age, beginning at age 3 years.

Pre-K Enrollment Applications

If you are considering SF Public Montessori's Pre-K Program, you may schedule a tour, but it is not necessary. Applications are provided provided during the tour, however applicants are accepted on a first come first serve basis, so you may apply before you tour. To apply and get on the waiting list, please do not call the school, instead you should apply directly through the the Early Education Department of the SF Unified School District (SFUSD) at (415)379-2700 . You may download a SFUSD preK application here.

Is There Tuition?

The preschool fee structure follows that of all other preschools in the SFUSD Early Education Department and may be free or reduced for qualifying families. Fees are based on a sliding scale, according to income and family size, as determined by the State of California.

Are Pre-K Children Guaranteed Placement in the SFPM Elementary Program?

Children who have been enrolled in the SF Public Montessori Pre-K program must go through the lottery system to gain admittance to the Elementary School. At this time, no child may be automatically enrolled in the SFPM Kindergarten, and all paperwork must be filled out as if applying to a new school for Kindergarten. Children enrolled in PreK are given 2nd priority among the tie-breakers (after siblings) to stay at SFPM for kindergarten.

For more information, contact the Early Education Department at (415)241-6085 or visit the website of SFUSD's Early Education Department.