Our Principal

Principal Lindsey Keener

Ms. Keener was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, and moved to San
Francisco 15 years ago, never looking back! She began her career 26 years ago in the classroom, teaching both 6th and 3rd grades in an ethnically diverse setting of 1,200 students.
She began her tenure with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) as an Instructional Reform Facilitator at several schools around the city before serving as a Principal for seven years in a large school, also in SFUSD.
This is Ms. Keener's 5th year as principal at SFPM.
Ms. Keener is committed to continue working together with the community to build a thriving public Montessori school that serves children from all parts of San Francisco.
Her interests include reading, working out, spending time with friends (both human and animal), cooking yummy vegetarian dishes and attending music and dance performances. She is passionate about creating a joyful and inspiring school environment and advocating for animal rights. Ms. Keener also loves to travel and has spent time abroad in many parts of Europe, the UK, Turkey, India and Bali.