Materials, Age Groups & Work Cycles

A three-year “work cycle” creates a multi-aged group (3-6 year olds, 6-9 year olds or 9-12 year olds). This age spread allows older children to help younger ones while directly reinforcing their own learning.

They also develop self-confidence and leadership skills. Younger children have visible and obtainable goals. All the children learn the important life skills of knowing when, how and whom to ask for help.

Mixed Age Classrooms

The mixed-age classroom allows for accelerated social-emotional growth and increased exposure to language. Reading and writing are derived almost exclusively from exposure to language. Instead of children relying only on adults to provide direction, they look to one another and themselves. Children in a Montessori class come to be inwardly motivated to learn. Because they are treated with respect by teachers and classmates, they become confident in their ability to learn in any context.

Individual Learning

All activities are presented by the Montessori-trained teacher. Each lesson is modeled to the children individually. Materials are child-size and selected for their beauty and ability to capture the child’s interest. Exploration and repetition until the child has mastered the concept or skill is supported and encouraged.

Children learn responsibility through the real life practice of properly using and caring for materials and the environment. Respect and understanding of others’ needs is emphasized and encouraged.