Montessori education begins in the Pre-K/Primary years. Enrollment in the San Francisco Public Montessori School begins at age 3 years in the Pre-K program.

Children may enroll in either the PreK or the elementary program. The preschool, which is operated by the SFUSD Early Education Department, is a 2-3 year Pre-K/primary cycle. After this, children must enter the SFUSD lottery (though they are given 2nd priority among the tie-breakers, after siblings) to stay at SFPM for kindergarten. Both the Pre-K program and Elementary program are part of the San Francisco Unified School District. The preschool fee structure follows that of all other SFUSD EED preschools and is free for some qualifying families. The elementary program is free for all families starting in Kindergarten.

San Francisco Public Montessori is a Citywide School. It was created by the district to bridge pre-k and elementary education.

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