Our Families

True Diversity

In the six years since it’s inception SFPM has come to exemplify racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity; transcending the city’s traditional neighborhood divides and bringing families from very different backgrounds together to grow an exceptional school.

San Francisco Public Montessori welcomes all San Francisco children. Here children from every kind of family and culture can feel at home and be appreciated for exactly who they are.

Languages from Around the World

A large number of our families are also Multi-lingual, with many students entering the program as English language learners. The languages spoken by our families at home in addition to English include Afrikaans, Cantonese, Mandarin, Igbo, French, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Telagu, Thai and Wolof.

A Welcoming Environment for LGTBQ Families

We are proud to have been recognized as the most friendly preschool for LGBTQ families by Our Family Coalition.

Diversity Supports Academic Success

This tremendous diversity makes San Francisco Public Montessori not only an academic success, but a rich cultural and interpersonal experience for our children. Montessori education appeals to parents from all walks of life because it respects the child and honors the development of their whole person. We are glad to represent the true multicultural fabric of San Francisco.

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